Our Associates

When Northgate first opened its doors, all associates were family. Now, while most of our associates are not relatives, we are still a family. Our values guide us to ensure that all our associates have the tools they need to live their own American dream, just as the Gonzalez Reynoso family did when they started Northgate.

Northgate offers many standard benefits, but our guiding principles push us to go beyond the standard to offer benefits our associates cannot find elsewhere. Associate wellbeing is a top priority.

We offer the following benefits:

  • 401k
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Education Reimbursement
    • Brandman University Partnership: We want our associates to achieve their goals which is why we partner with Brandman University to help our associates obtain their degrees in English or Spanish.
    • Cerritos College: Northgate is an industry partner for Cerritos College’s Retail Management Program which offers career advancement certifications.
    • University of Southern California: Northgate offers scholarships for their associates to attend the Food Industry Management program. Each year, associates are selected to participate in this 16-week certificate program. More info: https://www.marshall.usc.edu/programs/certificate-programs/food-industry-management-program
  • Annual Scholarships
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Paid Time Off
  • For a full list of all of our benefits click here.

We believe in putting people first and it is reflected in our motto: Every associate has a story. We are proud to have helped so many of our associates grow as they work to carve out their own dreams. We have been blown away by the successes our associates have accomplished while at Northgate.

Putting our people first is our number one priority. We believe that every associate has a unique story and we recognize that each associate has different needs. When Northgate first opened its doors and hired the first associates, they were welcomed in as not just associates, but as family members. Familia is extremely important, and the warm welcome and family dynamic still exists today.

Our values have guided us from the beginning and continue to be at the core of how we operate today, guiding us to ensure that all our associates have the benefits they need to thrive and live their own American dream, just as the Gonzalez family did when they started Northgate.

Welcoming each associate into the family during the early days of an associate’s experience offers a unique opportunity to meet with the owners and hear about our rich culture. This is just the beginning as the associate settles in to learn about the wide array of benefits we offer to meet the individual needs of each associate.

We know that there are basic benefits that every associate needs, but we want to make sure that our associates are empowered to live their best lives each and every day. We offer many standard options to support our associates’ well-being such as Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Life Insurance for themselves and their families, paid time off, an Employee Assistance Program, and various support groups. For a full list of all of our benefits click here.

Well-being is definitely at the top of our list, but our commitment doesn’t end there. We are driven to enrich the lives of our associates by offering benefits that go far beyond the standard offering and focus on the development of our associates to help them grow into the future. Through our strong belief in our pillar of education, we offer a number of benefits to support the associates choice to further their education such as a fully sponsored learning pathway that is the foundation for an AA degree, education reimbursement, company-sponsored ESL and GED courses, and partnerships with various universities to pursue a four-year degree and beyond.

We are truly dedicated to the education of our associates and have extended our reach into the community, as well. We founded the Gonzalez-Reynoso Foundation to help our communities thrive and one way we do that is by offering annual education scholarships to all who apply. All associates and their families who are pursuing formal education are included and can receive a scholarship.

Education is one way to learn and grow at Northgate however not the only way. We encourage learning in the associates’ specific role and offer temporary learning assignments all over the organization that contributes to an associate’s knowledge and experience setting them up for future growth. As we grow, the advancement opportunities grow as well and we want to ensure our associates are ready.