Our Culture

Northgate started as a family store and that culture remains today in each of our stores. Our associates have embraced Northgate’s values to create an atmosphere where respect is guaranteed, education is cherished, families are loved, and communities thrive. We are so proud of the team we have built, and the lasting role Northgate can play in our communities.


Our Values: Teamwork, Communication, and Collaboration

Northgate’s Issue-Free Associate Experience Philosophy

All of our values are based on that recipe which has been a formula for success for over four decades. Yes, we work hard but we are also rewarded for our efforts. Yes, we operate with integrity and honesty which leads and builds trust. The family is here to be of service to you and is humbled by your loyalty.

But in all families, there are sometimes misunderstandings and disagreements which result in hard feelings. While a reality, we need to do all we can to minimize them from occurring and addressing them as fast as we can. Northgate maintains a strong open-door policy where owners, leaders and HR are available to you to address your needs. We urge you to talk to us about any matter of concern. Your managers, HR and all leaders including, of course, the founders and our third generation are ready to listen to you and resolve any differences among us. It’s just what good families do.

We are proud of our history and proud of each of you. Our achievements speak for themselves. We have accomplished all that we have by staying together, listening, respecting different views, solving problems as they arise and always focusing on our associates, our customers and the communities we serve. We have done all this without any outside interference from a labor union because we work very hard to make them irrelevant to our success. We have decades of making you our priority and demonstrating we care about cherishing and protecting you and taking care of your hearts and your families. We also want to sustain an intimate and fruitful relationship with you without third-party interference. This is how families operate and what families do best. We are here to take care of you and will work mutually to cherish and protect our culture and the values we have all come to know and live by.

So, let’s keep talking; let’s keep listening; let’s keep building for the many decades to come!

The entire Gonzalez Reynoso family and our Leadership Team.