Our Community

At Northgate, we care about authentic food and access to fresh produce, but we care about so much more than just what our customers place in their carts. We strive to serve a higher purpose, and this drives us to give back to our community. We want our communities to thrive so that both our customers and our associates live in areas where they have everything, they need to achieve their dreams.



Here are just a few of our projects:

  • Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway: Each year around Christmas, we donate toys to bring joy to the community during the holiday season.
  • Meals on Wheels: Well-being is one of our pillars. That is why we partner with Meals on Wheels to ensure our more vulnerable neighbors have all they need.
  • Wellness Events: We know wellness extends beyond eating fresh foods. That’s why we’ve held events to offer vaccines, mammograms, wellness classes, and more to keep our community healthy.
  • Scholarships: Education is one of our three pillars. To help make education more affordable for members of our community, we offer scholarships on an annual basis to our associates and their immediate families.
  • Juntos Awards: To honor Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize community leaders for their service and make donations to the charity of their choice.
  • Food Bank Donations: We have a long history of partnering with several local food banks to ensure no child in our communities goes hungry.
  • Marque Medical Partnership: We want our stores to be a one-stop wellness shop so we’ve launched a partnership with Marque Medical so our customers can receive medical care in a familiar setting.
  • Prospera Gonzalez: Banking can be intimidating. Through Prospera Gonzalez, we offer money transfer services, check cashing, money orders, and loans to those who may struggle to navigate the existing financial system.