Our Values

At Northgate, our goal is to enrich the lives of those around us through our faith in God and our deep passion for authentic Mexican food and a vibrant mercado experience. It gives us purpose and is key to our success. We would be nowhere without our guiding principles: unity, humanity, efficient work, accountability, trust, integrity and honesty.

We strive to bring these principles into every interaction we have with our associates and our customers. We aim to reward hard work, assume positive intent, and give back to the communities that have so graciously welcomed us.


We want all of our work to reflect these core values:

Northgate Service Values


  • We like to think outside the box. Innovation inspired us to offer different opportunities for our associates. From language classes, training and development, to support groups, we’re constantly offering new opportunities to help our associates grow.

Education and Development

  • Education is foundational in everything we do. We want our associates to thrive which is why we offer education reimbursements and partnered with Cerritos College, University of Southern California and Brandman University to provide educational opportunities for our team.

Servant Leadership

  • When the Gonzalez Reynoso family first opened Northgate Gonzalez Market, it was all hands-on deck. We quickly learned that the best leaders were those who wanted to be of service to their fellow associates while guiding them to success.

Customer Centricity

  • Every customer has a story and we want our associates to carry that mentality with them. We know that stories matter. Inside and outside of the store, we want our associates to practice empathy and understanding for others.

Teamwork, Communication, and Collaboration

  • We aim to meet every associate and customer where they are and to always assume positive intent. We are at our best when we work together and communicate clearly.


  • Every person deserves respect. At Northgate, we want our customers and associates to feel safe, valued, and respected.


Our values are reflected in our service. At Northgate, we pledge to always warmly welcome all, be attentive, make shopping easy, and proudly tell our stories.