Associate Focus Groups Provide Feedback on Newly Improved Human Resources Department

northgate|September 16, 2021

After listening to our associates, Northgate Markets announced major changes to its Human Resources operation that will ensure every member of the Northgate team has their needs met.

Rather than having a single human resources representative for each store, Northgate is transitioning to a team of human resources experts who will rotate throughout our stores to help meet the diverse needs of our associates and their families. We believe that having several experts rotating throughout Northgate will ensure that every employee has the best information available.

Associates will also gain access to an entire team of associates working to meet their needs and address any concerns they have. We believe this is a benefit for associates who can build relationships with several Human Resources experts rather than having just one point of contact. At the same time, this will allow the associates working in Human Resources to grow their talents and expertise in a single area, rather than juggling all the complexities of the job.

With this shared service model, associates will have access to extended Human Resources service hours, enhanced communications, and continued awareness of the services we offer, the richness of our benefits, and our issue-free culture. We know this is the best way for Northgate to continue to grow our People First Culture.

The changes to the Human Resources operation at Northgate will be changing, but that doesn’t mean it will not continue to improve based on the guidance we receive from associates. As the new system is implemented, Northgate will be hosting associate focus groups to get feedback on all the changes that have taken place to find out what works and what needs improvement. After all, these changes were made to benefit the associates and their feedback is vital.

Northgate is excited to have a dynamic Human Resources operation that can continue to benefit our associates and their families. For additional information on this transition or to participate in a focus group, please contact the Northgate Cares Team at [email protected]